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About IIM

Institute of Industry Management (IIM) was established at RANEPA in 2014 as a result of major structural changes with the aim of training specialists for leading industries.

Over 15 years, IIM has been training specialists for various sectors of the economy, civil service and business. IIM is focused on the development of applied skills and competences, deep immersion into a real market, and close integration with business community.

The Institute comprises 4 academic departments, 7 Chairs and 5 Centers.

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Meet the IIM Director

Dear Friends!

The key difference of our Institute is applied education. All the programs of the Institute - undergraduate and graduate programs, MBA, vocational training as well as seminars and workshops - are aimed at mastering modern, relevant knowledge and skills.
Every year we develop up-to-date study courses, attract partners from the business environment, establish relationships with leading public corporations so that our students are efficient and competitive in the labor market.

Welcome to the IIM - the territory of practitioners!
Ivan Fedotov, RANEPA Vice-RectorIIM Director
IIM Background and Milestones

School of Land Market Economy founded at RANEPA

School of Land Market Economy reorganized to Faculty of Real Estate Management (FREM)

Institute of Industry Management established at RANEPA based on FREM incorporating 4 Departments for sectoral management:

Department for Market Technologies
Department for Management in Sport and Tourism Industry
Department for Hospitality Industry
Department for Engineering Management

Department for Healthcare Management created within IIM

Institute of Industry Management has evolved as one of the largest institutions of RANEPA

Center for Management in Education established within IIM


Bringing together best industry experts and researchers based on high ethical standards to create the environment responding to the global challenges of modern society

  • Responsibility
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Freedom of thought and freedom from discrimination
Core strategic action

Maintaining the leading position in selected industries to implement IIM and RANEPA mission

The basic principles:
Lifelong Learning
The educational programs of the Institute are developed taking into account the desire of people to constantly improve their skills. Therefore, IIM educational programs cover the entire educational cycle from undergraduate level to MBA.
Individual approach
Each student is unique and we know how to assist them to develop their professional skills to reach the maximum educational effect.
Internationalization of education
Intensive foreign language practice helps our students to reach the new level of life and work.
Institutional Membership in Professional Associations
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